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Prevention vs Cure

There are people who believe that cancer is largely a preventable disease, and there are people like me. I think cancer prevention is a worthy cause. In my time as a medical physicist I concluded that we were so good … Continue reading

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Canyoning on Dominica

Hilary and I spent the New Year on the island of Dominica, a small island nation in the eastern Caribbean. On the 2nd of January we took a canyoning trip with Ti Nath Kanion. Nathalie, the proprietor and guide, did … Continue reading

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2016 in Review

2016 was not a good year for a lot of people. Mine got better as it went on. In the first part of the year a ten-year relationship came to an end, and for all the difficulties of that time … Continue reading

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An Individualist Humanist in a Tribal World

Stand on a beach some time, somewhere well up on dry land. Above the high water mark. Notice you don’t drown. Then walk down toward the water. If the wind is blowing and the water is rough, there will be … Continue reading

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Notes on the Next War

There have been major populist movements in every century since the Reformation. The English Civil War was essentially populist, or part of a general populist upheaval with oddball hangers on like the Levelers and Diggers. The American Rebellion was likewise … Continue reading

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Reflections on Age

It’s not a particularly significant birthday in the decimal system. Not a big round number or anything. But I do notice that as each decade passes it’s around four years after the big round number that causes me to reflect … Continue reading

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Not Dead Yet

Beneath the dark and cloudy sky there comes a time to do or die so screw the grave and give the lie to the fear that lives in the hills. This be the curse that is laid on me: to … Continue reading

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Some surreal certainty suffices to turn turgid temerity toward ponderous political pronouncements exhorting exceptional extremes. Another asshole assessing America finding fearful followers groking gargantuan goals: crime, corruption, Clinton. Lying liars laying legerdemain on odious obligers who wishfully, whitely, wander behind … Continue reading

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The Speed of Light

[Hilary quite correctly pointed out there was something rong with this poem in it’s original version. This is the revised version, which I’m still not entirely happy with but which is better. The problem is the first quatrain came to … Continue reading

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Deep clear cold running water down from shadowed upper bend distance dancing with time’s daughter, no beginning, without end. Sunlight dappled river bed cedar overhearing what the roaring thunder said down rapids, water rearing over rocks and into pools where … Continue reading

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