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Notes on the Next War

There have been major populist movements in every century since the Reformation. The English Civil War was essentially populist, or part of a general populist upheaval with oddball hangers on like the Levelers and Diggers. The American Rebellion was likewise … Continue reading

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What Is Game Theory a Theory Of?

I’ve written about the Prisoner’s Dilemma before but wanted to revisit the point. Game theory purports to be a theory of “rational self-interested actors” or “rational maximizers.” These are individuals who are only interested in playing the game to win. … Continue reading

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How News Stories Ought to be Written

The government of Iraq is requesting American troops to defend Baghdad from ISIS attacks. Here is information the story omits. President George W. Bush signed a “Status-of-Forces Agreement” with the Iraqi government in 2008 that specified a December 31st 2011 … Continue reading

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Even More Things that Are Not Arguments

Canada is sending about 600 members of the RCAF and a dozen aircraft of various types to support Iraqi and Kurdish forces in their war with ISIS. Here are some things that are not arguments: 1) “ISIS are EVIL! They … Continue reading

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Something for Everyone

So I’ve published a book. Darwin’s Theorem is a story about stories (the working title for a long time was “Metastory”) that’s also a mystery, a romance, an adventure, and various other things besides. Not quite science fiction, excessively didactic… … Continue reading

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Explanation vs Prediction

The name of my consulting company is Predictive Patterns Software Inc, and as the name suggests, a lot of my work has been writing algorithms (software) that finds patterns in data that are predictive of outcomes. I’ve worked mostly in … Continue reading

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The Mess That’s Texas

The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) has released a platform that is so over-the-top stupid and self-contradictory it reads like a parody of itself. The brain trust of the RPT begins by affirming that governments in the US ought to … Continue reading

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Escallating Violence Against Iran is the Road to War

I know a little bit about the development of nuclear weapons, and I am comfortable saying that if Iran wants them, Iran will get them. There are a few tricks, but basically everything from Manhattan is now public, and what … Continue reading

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I am not making this up

It has been ten years since the United States started openly violating its own constitution by holding innocent people in indefinite custody without trial. One of those people is Canadian child solider Omar Khadr, who has been held there illegally–against … Continue reading

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Mass Organized Killing, What’s It Really Good For?

The New York Times has a brief account of a cache of secret American government documents found in an Iraqi junkyard that sheds some more light on the 2005 killing by American Marines of 24 human beings in the town … Continue reading

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