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It\’s not so bad, this process, growing older Continue reading

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Wending Mall

Something there is that doesn\’t love a mall
That sends the empty-handed crowds through it, Continue reading

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The Very Model of a Modern Chief Executive

I am the very model of a modern Chief Executive ~
I\’ve information adequate, though most of it is speculative Continue reading

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you are so far away across this wide country beyond the far mountains always closer A quintain is (as the name suggests) a five-line poem, but it has the further condition that the lines contain 2/4/6/8/2 syllables. Quintains typically do … Continue reading

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The Still September Sky

The still September sky is broken now Continue reading

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The Ballad of Lost Melancholy

There’s melancholy in the hills that lie beneath the mist where doves once went to coo and bill young folk to share a kiss. Those hidden places now obscure the secrets of the past the wounds that years will never … Continue reading

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Under Development

I registered and set up this site over a year ago for hosting the Sonneteer, an experiment narrative poetry project, but since that finished it’s nine-month run I’ve been neglecting this site in favour of a variety of other projects, … Continue reading

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