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I am an atheist: the god of love does not exist. His myth has lighted fools down to a dusty death. Push come to shove he’s nothing but a coward’s deadly tool, manipulating idiots with ease, benefiting liars, cheats and … Continue reading

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Two by two, hands of blue

Two by two, hands of blue the gloves go snapping on Bend over please, just give a sneeze… Your freedom? That’s all gone! You’ve got to choose just what you lose: your health or dignity. X-rays for you–take off your … Continue reading

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On a favourite cat, diagnosed with cancer

She sleeps beside me all unknowing faint wheezing in her lungs a tumour deep within her growing killing her too young. We rescued her some years ago gave her love and care watched her slowly change and grow discard her … Continue reading

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Suffering in Silence

“Suffering in silence is for losers!” he shouted from the rooftops in his rage whilst down below the coppers in their cruisers wondered was he mad or was he sage: “Screw the bankers! Crooked every one! The corporate lackies cowering … Continue reading

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Some notes on x-ray backscatter imaging

Update 2012-03-11: I’ve also commented on Jonathon Corbett’s demonstration of the ineffectiveness of these crude devices. ==================== Hilary sometimes complains that the overall look of this site is that of a scientist’s, rather than a poet’s. It’s a fair cop. … Continue reading

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Duping young men into dying for nation or God or for hire, so over the top they go crying ending up pulped on the wire, has been a big business for ages: since Caesar recruited in Gaul despite the wise … Continue reading

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There Are Days

There are days when all I want is holding you no matter where we are or what goes on around us: let the world’s loud clamouring of war and morons fade into the night where all that matters is we … Continue reading

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My Father\’s House

In my father’s house there are many rooms: a room for learning, where the truth is taught that nothing is quite good enough, assume that failure is more likely than it’s not. There is a room for laughter and for … Continue reading

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The midnight bird is deeply boring into questions, quandaries soaring high above his cranial perch where he studies arcane lore: to catch a poet lightly sleeping, tossing in his dreams and weeping, where on wings of darkness sweeping comes a … Continue reading

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