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Meditations on 2010

I’m in the habit of looking backward. It helps me see where I’m going. 2010 was a busy year. It started with robotics, as so many good things do. I’d done a little work for FRC Team 2809 in their … Continue reading

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On a Favourite Cat

Somehow within the greater scheme of things it seems absurd to mourn a simple mind, a feline consciousness that compassed just the rudiments of life: to eat, to sleep, and now and then to play, or cuddle up against another … Continue reading

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Familiar Stillness

This familiar stillness folds my world in cold iron hands arresting all kinetic capability while Fate– the House–roles dice with biochemistry to play a mortal game with but one end… but when the fatal toss will terminate the play remains … Continue reading

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Science and Facts on the Deepwater Horizon

“The question is why these experienced men out on that rig talked themselves into believing that this was a good test,” said Sean Grimsley, a lawyer for a presidential commission investigating the disaster. “None of these men out on that … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the decade soon to be relegated to the dusty heap of history I wonder where I am these ten years gone. It was a time of change, starting with an avalanche of pain that smashed familiar forests flat … Continue reading

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Pieces of my mind go drifting down this stream of cluttered consciousness today: swirling in the sluggish current, drowned by flotsam-jetsam floating by the way. Washer-women rinse their tattered linen, children’s feet go splashing through the mud, tree-trunks pull at … Continue reading

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Ode to Guantanamo Bay

O weeping sore on Cuba’s tortured isle, you foster-child of paranoic hate cold testament to xenophobic fear that’s sated in the rituals of rape: What innocents are caged within your fence of wire that’s barbed and concertina-topped to keep the … Continue reading

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