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And lay my burdens down

One day I will stand on the edge of the quiet sea Infinite and dark, welcoming me home I will stop there on the shore Stand in the silent breeze across the water At the edge of a summer night … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Haiku

don’t bother to read just make up all the meanings you want this to have This apparently is what all utterances mean: whatever the listener wants them too, based on anything except asking the utterer, “What did you mean by … Continue reading

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Valentine\’s Day

This is, I’m told, a day to celebrate our love. For me: a day of memory, one day a year to now commemorate a past that’s dead, from which I’m never free. There is no speaking of the ordinary truth, … Continue reading

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I am a tad, you know, eclectic, spread thin across the slates of learning, doing, things electric, muddled in my states. There’s building robots, taking time to educate young minds while getting hands-on grease and grime and making novel finds … Continue reading

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