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The Award for the World\’s Stupidest Headline Goes To…

Fox News, for “Japan’s Nuclear Rescuers: ‘Inevitable Some of Them May Die Within Weeks’” In other news, it is inevitable that every person reading this may get hit by a bus on the way home today, it is inevitable that … Continue reading

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Democracy, Coalitions and Conservatism

I really will get back to poetry Real Soon Now, although I note I get many more hits on non-poetical topics than otherwise. No better demonstration of the malaise of the modern world, really. But for now: politics. I am … Continue reading

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Semantics, CSS and Tables

Just as a warning to the easily nauseated, I’m going to wind up talking about DSSSL before I get to the end of this post. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with PHP and CSS while working up … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Radiation

To talk about the health effects of “radiation” is much like talking about the health effects of “viruses”. If I tell you I’ve been exposed to a virus, you really can’t say anything much about my likely health outcome. Maybe … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Nuclear Power

Despite having three degrees related to nuclear engineering, power generation and nuclear physics, I’ve never actually worked in the nuclear industry, as it became completely moribund around the time I started my Master’s, which more-or-less coincided with the explosion, fire … Continue reading

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Gibberish and Innuendo

A friend of a friend on Twitter characterized CNN’s recent coverage like this: CNN in nutshell: But it *could* melt down, right? It *could* be catastrophically awful, yes? Radiation in the air! People will die, right? He appears to be … Continue reading

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Notes on Nuclear Meltdown

People with huge anti-nuclear axes to grind spread baseless fear. You can tell when an organization has a name like “Institute for Policy Studies” that it has a major political agenda that has nothing to do with studying policy, but … Continue reading

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There are drafts of posts here that I have no recollection of writing, and some things I remember that do not exist in this particular reality. I’m not usually quite so scattered, but I’ve been saying that for six months … Continue reading

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