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Along I limp through corridors of night Holding up a lantern to the dark Stumbling over fragments of the light Hoping here to find some vital spark That will illuminate the coming days To guide me on to where the … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Third Generation Reactors

I’ve been hearing a lot of, “This could never happen with third generation designs.” In the aftermath of Fukushima various people in the nuclear industry have been proclaiming the “impossibility” of a Fukushima-like problem with 3rd-generation reactor designs. Their argument … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Celestial Navigation

Learning to navigate by the Sun, the Moon and the stars has recently risen to the top of my list of things to do, and I thought it might be useful to describe the results of my study thus far. … Continue reading

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I was a teenage objectivist

Mike suggests this should be designated “International Ayn Rand Vilification Week” as apparently the upcoming premier of a film version of “Atlas Shrugged” is bringing out the haters. As someone whose life has been influenced by Rand’s work, I thought … Continue reading

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The World Turned Upside Down

I’ve been reading through Paul Ryan’s budget plan and find it increasingly surreal and disorienting to see a massive influx of government money and federal regulation into health care touted as a “market-based solution” from a party interested in “smaller … Continue reading

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Humans see humanity everywhere. My favourite is anthropomorphization of markets, which are after all just calculating machines. From today’s 2:30 pm : … the Dow is trying to reclaim lost gains… 2:00 pm : Bank stocks continue fighting to … Continue reading

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Dropping bombs on innocents alike with guilty, don’t you know it works so well that recently we’ve seen a little spike in murdered children at the gates of hell. This is the glory that is modern war robotic drones swift-scouring … Continue reading

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The Finitude of Daylight

The finitude of daylight ends all plans that for their execution crave the light, clear-seeing eyes guiding gentle hands doing work that’s good and proper, right. This leaves the world to darkness and to me beside this country churchyard in … Continue reading

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No Event

Apparently there are people who believe that no one died on 9/11 (language NSFWCW–“Not Safe for White Collar Work”… people who actually work for a living will find it fucking tame.) A friend who studies conspiracy theories mentioned this, and … Continue reading

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