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Some Notes on the Marketplace

Since it is well-established that I am not so smart, this account of expert self-delusion and failure caught my eye: tell people they’re drinking fine wine and they’ll experience all kinds of subtle nuances and flavours, even though in a … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Debt

I’m reading “Debt: a history of the first 5000 years” by David Graeber, and it’s a delightful and frustrating book. Delightful because the author isn’t afraid to ask the big questions. Frustrating because despite his carefully cultivated ironic persona he … Continue reading

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Not the End of the World

It is October 22nd and the world is still here. It has not been consumed by fire. Unbelievers have not been swept away by a vast panoply of material calamities. The elect have not been taken off to heaven. Harold … Continue reading

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The Nature of Science

In response to recent claims that neutrinos traveling between CERN and Gran Saso are moving at a speed slightly faster than light, has been filling up with papers proposing explanations. There is a truism in physics that theorists never … Continue reading

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Talkin\’ \’bout my Corporation

Liberal-democratic corporate capitalism has been very good to me. I’m sitting in a cafe’ run by a corporation (a small, local one). I’m wearing shoes and clothing made by corporations (large, global ones), to say nothing of typing this on … Continue reading

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Sustainability and Subsistence

For the past several hundred thousand years almost all humans everywhere lived in a subsistence economy. They produced just enough to meet their own needs. Some of the reason for this may have been due to practical problems with the … Continue reading

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