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Deontology, Consequentialism and Circumcision

[Note: I’ve turned off comments as I was getting flooded by angry, insulting and demanding anti-circumcisionists. While the first few were amusing illustrations of the precisely the sort of failure to distinguish between a position held for deontological reasons and … Continue reading

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Scattered Thoughts

I’m moving in slightly more directions than usual just now. Something to do with planning a move across the country, my kids transitioning to adulthood, Albion being in the end-game, turning 50 this year, and wondering what I’m going to … Continue reading

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He’s just a lump, a rag-doll flump a cuddly fur-ball sleeping ’til there’s a bump, then see him jump he hides then comes acreeping along the wall, trying to be small which isn’t easy for him ’cause all-in-all, he’s long … Continue reading

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Defeating x-ray backscatter detectors

There has been a lot of chatter on the “interwebs” in the past week about a scientist, engineer and activist named Jonathan Corbett who has demonstrated a trivial way of defeating the x-ray backscatter machines I wrote about a while … Continue reading

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