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In 1987 a group of science fiction writers and similar people were asked to predict what the future might look like in 25 years time… which is to say, in 2012 A quarter-century is in some ways not a very … Continue reading

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Gormenghast (review)

Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake My rating: 3 of 5 stars My initial thought is that Tim Burton should’ve made a movie out of this. A quick check of IMDB turns up this production instead, which looks brilliant: Gormenghast isn’t … Continue reading

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Daring Marine Rescue!

Well, OK, not really so daring, but it does count as a marine rescue. Every few years I find myself pulling someone out of the drink, so I guess I was overdue. Alex and Tim and I had an excellent … Continue reading

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Personal Reflections

This blog is, like me, weird. Eclectic, eccentric, possibly even ergodic. I’d like to say “erotic” but I really don’t aim here to expose quite so much of myself, as it were. Artists walk a tightrope between expressing who they … Continue reading

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The Mess That\’s Texas

The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) has released a platform that is so over-the-top stupid and self-contradictory it reads like a parody of itself. The brain trust of the RPT begins by affirming that governments in the US ought to … Continue reading

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The Diversity of Love

There is currently a great kerfuffle about Corporal Jim Brown of the RCMP, who apparently enjoys consensual BDSM. The outpouring of hate from certain quarters has been quite astonishing, with people happily imputing that simply because someone is Black they … Continue reading

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Some Notes on the Higgs

It looks very likely that the Higgs boson has been observed at CERN. There’s a lot of careful, discriminating, detailed and precise analysis to be done yet, but the data so far are consistent with a Standard Model Higgs, which … Continue reading

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Cool textured shadows of the branches move across the mottled surface of this wall as summer breezes waver through the trees imprinting on my memory transience: the sun obscured by momentary cloud erases all but that which dwells inside, for … Continue reading

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