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Risk and the Price of Books

I’m reading Alan Schom’s utterly brilliant biography of Napoleon at the moment, and noticed the price tag: about thirty bucks. Considering what I pay for other forms of entertainment, this is astonishingly low. I’ve already got dozens of hours out … Continue reading

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What is this thing you speak of, sleep? A closing of the eyes? A slowing of my breath and heart? My mind in soft surmise? I think I’ve heard of it before, a myth from yonder times, a thing to … Continue reading

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Robust Relationships

Robustness is the property of being able to deal with unexpected situations without things falling apart. The opposite of robustness is fragility. Fragile things have to be handled with extreme care. In my algorithm development business I pay a lot … Continue reading

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Hard rain against the window, hollow sounds of glass reverberating in the storm; fat drops of cold hard rain, wind blowing down against the brittle barricades forlorn while crows in murders glide down through the grey and shapeless fog that … Continue reading

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How Not to be a Science Writer

The state of science reporting has always been pretty dismal, with a few major luminaries outshining the combined light of their lesser colleagues. I suspect that the science desk is the place where novices and interns get parked until they … Continue reading

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