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Plumper Cove

Plumper Cove is a BC marine park on Keats Island, which is in the mouth of Howe Sound between Bowen Island and Gibsons. The weather this April has been unseasonably cold and wet, but the weather forecast was good for … Continue reading

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More Things That Are Not Arguments

I recently had some interactions with anti-gun-control people (there is a lot of that about) in which one of them offered the following statement (which is not an argument): “if someone is really intent on hurting someone, even if they … Continue reading

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Halket Bay

Halket Bay is the eastern-most bay on Gambier Island, just past Bowen Island in the mouth of Howe Sound. There’s a marine park in that wraps around much of the bay, interrupted by some private land on the eastern shore. … Continue reading

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Scary Creatures

Behold the scary creatures I have known on land and sea and even in the air: a shark or two, sea-lions and a duck whose hurling form came headlong at my face in level flight. My eyes could see so … Continue reading

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Supernatural Explanations

Before talking about supernatural explanations, it’s a good idea to say something about explanations in general. An explanation is a causal account of a particular situation based on general principles, laws or abstractions. Causal accounts are general, explanatory accounts are … Continue reading

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