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Some Notes on Marriage

Marriage is traditionally defined as one man, one woman (until he sells her) plus his concubines, mistresses, maid-servants and household slaves (as Karl Marx and Thomas Jefferson knew well) and perhaps the odd bit of livestock if the man was … Continue reading

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Post-Modernism and Special Creation

Napoleon Gagnon’s Noble Savages is a fascinating book on many levels. It tells the tale of his 25 years of field work with the Yanomamö natives of Venezuela and Brazil–a stone age people still largely uncontacted when his work began … Continue reading

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Non-statistical Omens

The Dow-Jones Industrial Average fell today, breaking a streak of 24 consecutive rising Tuesdays. Who could have predicted it? Surely after 24 Tuesdays in the black there was solid evidence of some kind of “Tuesday Effect” that was causing the … Continue reading

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Harrison Hot Springs

Carrie is now Doctor Carrie, and we headed off to Harrison Hot Springs to celebrate. I’d been there as a kid, and remember it as a bit tacky and over-rated. It turns out my childhood recollection is not entirely inaccurate. … Continue reading

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