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The Evolution of Violent Altercations

I’m using “evolution” here in the way physicists rather than biologists do: to mean “progression with time” not “development of complexity and diversity by slightly imperfect copying that results in differential reproductive success”. I was reading about the Trayvon Martin … Continue reading

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The Experience of Race

I have no clue what it’s like to be a member of a racial minority. I am pretty much the definition of privilege: a straight, white, English-speaking, male, highly-educated, middle-aged, middle-class, card-carrying member of the professional elite. My only view … Continue reading

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Perfect Order is Nothing

“Perfect” is a strange word, and people use it weirdly. To say something is “perfect” is to claim it conforms precisely to some standard, but if you don’t make the standard explicit you’ve said something perfectly meaningless. For some reason, … Continue reading

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What kind of problems do you want to have?

My problems are other people’s dreams. Humans are an ornery lot. What makes us happy is to be “better off” than our neighbours, which leads to an endless treadmill of competition for status and–in the worst case–ends in suburbia. As … Continue reading

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