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Fun With Losers

People who can’t engage in argument by deploying facts and Bayesian reasoning are rather dull and uninteresting. Unfortunately, the clutter the ‘Net with their bold announcements regarding their own lack of ability to put forth plausible cases for the propositions … Continue reading

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Predicting the Future

Here is a wild guess about the future of the S&P500 over the remainder of the year: 1) It’ll fall below 1600 by the end of September (the bottom will be between 1570 and 1600) 2) It’ll rise back up … Continue reading

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\”Just Say No\”: the appeal of abstinence-only to control freaks

Abstinence-only sex education and “just say no” anti-drug campaigns are known to fail. There is ample quantitative, indisputable evidence that contraception is more effective than abstinence at preventing pregnancy, particularly unwanted pregnancy that ends in abortion. And while some fairly … Continue reading

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Human Communities Don\’t Scale

This is all pretty speculative and woozy-foozy, except for the bit about the maximum size of pre-political human communities being determined by the effective strategies of male mate competition and the limits of human attention. That I believe is true. … Continue reading

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Education and training are expensive. They require a considerable investment in time (always) and money (usually.) There are a lot of reasons to pursue both education and training, but the ones we hear most about have to do with “the … Continue reading

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Gulf Islands: II

I took Carrie to the Gulf Islands over the August long weekend, taking a vacation day to lengthen the trip further. The sail over was the canonical experience of “standing fully clothed in a cold shower ripping up $100 bills.” … Continue reading

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Summer Trips: Gulf Islands I

Hilary has also blogged about this trip which was, as she says, awesome. I grew up in Nanaimo and spent a lot of time in the Gulf Islands, so this was a return to my home ground. It was as … Continue reading

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Summer Trips: Frenchman\’s Cove

I’m way behind on blogging summer trips. The first was over the July 1st long weekend with Carrie, up the Sunshine Coast. This region, north of Vancouver, gets much less rainfall than the rest of coastal BC, as it is … Continue reading

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Why do we need ethics?

There are various answers to this question, roughly broken down as follows: From God/Allah/Jehovah (ie from divine mandate) From an “innate ethical sense” (frequently claimed to be instilled in us by God/Etc) From our emotions, sense of fairness, empathy, etc … Continue reading

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