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The Year in Review Two

This is more like the end of the year, and so it behooves a reflective person to reflect. I’m not sure reflection is necessary for happiness, but it works for me. This has been The Year of Dust Settling. 2012 … Continue reading

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Some Notes on Indie Publishing

I’m at that point in every fledgling novelist’s life where I have to decide what to do with the damned manuscript. While it is true that “a score is not an album”, that fact is hardly relevant to the reality … Continue reading

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2013 in Review-ish

The year’s not over yet, but not a bad time to start looking backward. I had modest plans for this year: do a lot of sailing (check), build some gadgets (check) and get my novel done (check). I’m still working … Continue reading

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The Problem of Digital Media

There’s a lot of news in the news lately, and that’s a sort-of good thing. It’s only sort-of good because a lot of the new news is bad news. A lying, drunken, drug-addled politician. Corruption and lies in the highest … Continue reading

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The Reform Act

My political commentary is often very cynical. This, in contrast, is a sincere plea to everyone reading to go to and learn more about the Reform Act. I hope when you have done so you’ll support the act, and … Continue reading

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