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Where is the Warming? Part 2: Vancouver Again

Science is more of an art than a science. I did a number of obviously stupid things in my previous quick look at Vancouver temperature data. Fortunately, this blog doesn’t have any readers so I get to catch my own … Continue reading

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Where is the Warming? Part 1: Vancouver

“Global mean temperature” is an utterly meaningless number. It isn’t quite on the scale of “kWhr of power” but it’s close. It is some kind of geometrically weighted arithmetic average that is simply physically meaningless. The only correct way to … Continue reading

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More on Algorithms

A few months back I wrote a long and rambling post on why computing may be hard. I promised to write a simple model that showed how the bimodal mark distribution in CS1 could be reproduced on the assumption that … Continue reading

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So How About That Hiatus, Eh?

There’s been much ballyhooing about the “hiatus” in the thermodynamically meaningless “global average (dry bulb) temperature”. Everyone reading this knows what “dry bulb” means, of course, because it would be ridiculous to have a strong opinion on climate change and … Continue reading

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May I just say you are wasting your time. I’ve read your post on this topic and it’s amazing! I’ll definitely be marking as spam the tiny fraction of your annoying gibberish that gets past Akismet.

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Othering and Objectivity

People who like to call themselves “critical theorists” uncritically accept that objectivity is not just impossible but that the pursuit of objectivity is pernicious. They do have some useful things to say about gaining the diversity of perspectives that Bayesians … Continue reading

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