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Why We Need Anti-Discrimination Laws: a computational approach

My libertarian friends, back when I had libertarian friends, often imagined that anti-discrimination laws were unnecessary because “the market will take care of it”. The argument goes like this: companies compete for the best employees, and quality of employee is … Continue reading

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I’ve been heavily involved in theories and questions of identity in the past, and the question of “Who am I?”, like “What on Earth was I thinking?” and “Do you think we should call the cops?” never really gets old. … Continue reading

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Two Haiku

Two scenes from a recent camping trip up the Sunshine Coast in BC: high thin ghost-blown clouds sweep across the summer sky never finding home ephemeral flame lone dancer to Time’s music eternal fire

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I’ve long been dissatisfied with the state of the bookshelf art, and took it upon myself to prototype a new approach, with the constraints: the shelves should look reasonably good be absolutely minimal in their design not require fine carpentry … Continue reading

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Discpiline and Practice

I’m moderately successful by the standards of the world, despite being a profoundly flawed human being. I wonder about why this is so, sometimes. Some of the answer is pure luck: I was born in the best country on Earth … Continue reading

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