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My Career So Far

Career (v., int.): To rush headlong or carelessly; To move rapidly straight ahead, especially in an uncontrolled way. In thirty years I’ve covered a fair bit of ground, and it’s definitely been headlong, careless and uncontrolled. I’m not sure “straight … Continue reading

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Making a Scene

Carrie and I have have just completed the ICI Open Scenes gym, and despite only having half an operating brain right now I want to get a few notes down before it all goes “poof”. The instructor, Brian Anderson, was … Continue reading

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Many Interacting Worlds

There’s a quite clever spin on the Many Worlds Interpretation that’s just been published that solves some of the big problems but remains implausible to my jaundiced eye. The idea is disarmingly simple and inherently non-local: suppose that there exist … Continue reading

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