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Billions in Weirdness

A friend​ asked me about the science behind this project backed by Indian American billionaire Manoj Bhargava and I thought it worth a little more public response. There are four technologies discussed on this site: stationary bike for energy generation … Continue reading

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SIWC2015 Brain Dump

The Surrey International Writer’s Conference is a meeting for working writers and people who want to be working writers. This was my first year attending, although I had heard good things about it from friends who had been in the … Continue reading

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Global Warming: so-so science, horrible politics

Rupert Darwall’s The Age of Global Warming is an interesting and important book for people who want to understand the political and diplomatic history of climate change. Environmentalism comes in two kinds: pragmatists who want to formulate policy based on … Continue reading

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Reflection on a Road Not Taken

A reasonable number of years ago I was dating four women, which was definitely one too many. I’m slightly embarrassed to say I don’t remember all of their names. For the sake of decorum and not revealing who I do … Continue reading

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Statistical Effect of Block Voting

Will block voting result in poor election predictions? The left-wing political organization LeadNow is running what appears to be a pretty effective campaign to organize voter blocks in swing ridings, where Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are at risk of winning due … Continue reading

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VIIF 2015 Part 2

This’ll be a lot shorter as it basically only covers this morning’s class, which was on action improv with Brad McNeil, who is also my Conservatory coach at Instant Theatre. I was kind of skeptical of the idea of doing … Continue reading

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VIIF 2015 Part 1

My brain hurts. Last night ushered at Performance Works and saw some excellent improv that has now been buried buy subsequent events. Today had workshops with Adam Cawley on the Game of the Scene and Bill Binder on the Math … Continue reading

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My Canada Includes Stephen Harper

My Canada includes Stephen Harper. Unlike many of my progressive friends, I have an inclusive view of Canada. It’s a big country. It includes everyone. Even Stephen. It includes a history where “None is too many!” was a popular slogan, … Continue reading

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Autumn Fire

Bright fires of autumn kindle in the dusk shedding sparks of summer down the breeze: crackling embers underfoot, the husks of springtime hopes on other bonfire eves when all was green and growing in the light of younger days upon … Continue reading

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