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Some surreal certainty suffices to turn turgid temerity toward ponderous political pronouncements exhorting exceptional extremes. Another asshole assessing America finding fearful followers groking gargantuan goals: crime, corruption, Clinton. Lying liars laying legerdemain on odious obligers who wishfully, whitely, wander behind … Continue reading

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The Speed of Light

[Hilary quite correctly pointed out there was something rong with this poem in it’s original version. This is the revised version, which I’m still not entirely happy with but which is better. The problem is the first quatrain came to … Continue reading

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Deep clear cold running water down from shadowed upper bend distance dancing with time’s daughter, no beginning, without end. Sunlight dappled river bed cedar overhearing what the roaring thunder said down rapids, water rearing over rocks and into pools where … Continue reading

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