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This is the home for my writing, which has been hitherto scattered all over the Web.

Who am I? That’s a complicated question. A woman I once dated described me as an onion. Although I don’t think I ever actually made her cry.

I’m a scientist before all else. Some people say that science can’t explain everything. Those people are nuts: science can’t explain anything. Science is the discipline of publicly testing ideas by systematic observation, controlled experiment and Bayesian inference. “Public” means, “published”. If you don’t publish your work somewhere it ain’t quite science. In any case, does that sound like an explanation of anything? It doesn’t to me.

The sciences–physics, biology, geology, etc–explain some stuff, but science does not. It’s just a discipline. It’s not a method. Like any discipline, formal methods are useful, like katas. Katas are great ways to prepare yourself for the real thing. But don’t think for a moment that katas are all you need to really fight.

The specific sciences I’ve been most involved in professionally are physics and biology, particularly human biology.

As well as a scientist, I’m a poet, a writer, and an engineer. I’m also a father of two getting-on-for-adult human beings. I could and probably will write long screeds on those things.

I ran my own scientific and software consulting business for the better part of a decade, although I’m trying that alternative lifestyle known as “having a job” while working on my writing career. I have a novel in deepest darkest re-write that’s coming along pretty well.

The way I see it, literary entrepreneurship is the only career that is more perilous than technological entrepreneurship, and I’m attracted to risk. Life is too short not to take some risks, and the older I get the more risks I’m comfortable with.

This part of this site is relatively new, but it’s likely I’ll pull together some of my scattered writings here eventually. I frequently collaborate with Hilary Farmer and you should check her stuff out too.

About TJ

Scientist, engineer, inventor, writer, poet, sailor, hiker, canoeist, father.
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  1. Matt Haley says:

    T.J. –
    I illustrated your story “Cassandra” for the MoD anthology, thanks again for writing a compelling narrative!
    I’ve been talking with Dave Malki about possibly optioning the short film rights to the story, as I direct shorts and I think “Cassandra” could be a riveting short film. I’d like to create a pitch for this, but I seem to have lost the word .doc of the original story and I haven’t gotten my copy yet, would you mind emailling me the story again?
    Below are links to what I’ve directed in the past. Thanks! – mh

  2. We would probably see eye to eye on few things but I found you while trawling for the latest on neutrinos + dark matter connections and couldn’t resist leaving a message. Feel free to argue something with me, it might be fun.

    All the best on your personal time-torus


  3. PS I’ve tweeted out your article on Neutrinos v. Aether – hope you don’t mind. Thought it was rather good.


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