We Are the Dead

We are the dead, we did not “fall” nor are
we “lost”. We simply died. Shot through or gassed,
blown up or starved or murdered by disease,
that favoured weapon of the ignorant.

We did not “sacrifice”. No glorious
host of angels, valkyries nor gods
accompanied us to heaven where we dwell
in some eternal mead-hall, blessed place,
the home of honoured heroes gone to dust.

We are the dead: the ignorant, misled
by propaganda and the subtle threat
of cowardice: the sometime fear that we
would be held less than men did we not die.

We are the dead. We do not “sleep” or “rest”
nor any other euphemistic phrase.
We died. We are no more. We are the dead.

About TJ

Scientist, engineer, inventor, writer, poet, sailor, hiker, canoeist, father.
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