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It turns out that David ! and crew did the job rather handily. “Machine of Death” was #1 on the Amazon Best-Seller’s list today, and by quite a large margin based on how early in the day it occurred. Who … Continue reading

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My Secret Superhero Superpower

Everyone has one. A guy I know says his is mysteriously becoming intensely attractive to women he used to date, right after they get married to someone else. Mine is closing down publishers and magazines. I haven’t submitted stories to … Continue reading

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Word Counting in Emacs

It’s really easy, see, you could just write some lisp to do it for you. Failing that try this: C-space will set a mark to fix the current start of region, then just hit M-pipe and enter after relocating the … Continue reading

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Omar Cops a Deal

So we’re told that Omar copped a deal; at least that’s what the finest rumours say about the goings on behind closed doors down in Guantanamo. The criminals, the gangsters who have kidnapped him–a child– and held him there illegally … Continue reading

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This too will be preserved in some digital dementia wherein old USENet posts interred walk mumbling zombie-like across the ‘Net, stumbling over photographs sprawled naked like youthful politicians in a tryst with long-forgotten fates that will not die. We all … Continue reading

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You Are Not Here

The day is bright outside this coffee place where I am sitting all alone amidst the cups and conversations of the crowd, a conscious stream of patrons rushing by whose voices blend and pour across the rocks of my own … Continue reading

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If you can stand before the door of dreams ~ and watch it open, and then turn away… Continue reading

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One day while walking through a park you stop for a moment in the midst of some trees. It is fall and the leafy colours are bright. While you are standing there two or three other people stop too, caught … Continue reading

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