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Digital Cowboy Blues

This is based on a line from Pintsize in the first Questionable Content book, where the anthroPC says, “It’s hard to get a lady to evaluate to true.” There’s been a recent claim for a proof of P == NP … Continue reading

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Surely this counts as poetry

I wanted to replace my desktop wallpaper with an updating shot from a webcam in Vancouver, overlooking the mouth of False Creek and out into the roadstead. The process of development reminded me of this XKCD. from PIL import Image … Continue reading

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Science: the discipline of publicly testing ideas by systematic observation, controlled experiment and Bayesian inference. My intent for this site is that it act as a unified location for my various interests. The main blog is likely to continue to … Continue reading



Post-holiday blues fall like snowflakes in air swirling in drifts all around: too much to do, and so little I care for the deadlines that seem to abound. There’s good and there’s ill, and then again work which needs to … Continue reading

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A couple of months ago I had the temerity to answer back on Twitter to some clown who objected to Machine of Death out-selling some nutjob entertainer on its first day of release. Said clown added me to a bunch … Continue reading

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