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Template Tricks

I’ve been doing a lot of template-related stuff in C++ lately and thought it worth capturing some of it here, as I find myself reinventing the wheel every time I go through this process, which I’ve been doing since about … Continue reading

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Musings on Marketing

I suck at marketing. Since it’s valuable to know what you suck at, what is marketing, anyway? Marketing is not sales. I’m really good at sales. Sales-the way I do it, which I learned mostly out of a book called … Continue reading

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I suck at endings. If there are really two types of people in the world–ones who start projects and ones who finish them–I am definitely of the former variety. That said, for every beginning there must be an end. Today … Continue reading

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Random Quotations

These are from the Globe and Mail in the ’90’s, probably… I found them on yellowed newsprint while doing some cleaning: “One is happy as a result of one’s own efforts, once one knows the necessary ingredients of happiness–simple tastes, … Continue reading

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Silver Bullets

“The Mythical Man Month” was published in the mid-70’s and most of it still rings true today: adding people to a late project makes it later, and there is no silver bullet. It probably says something about software developers that … Continue reading

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The Most Important Discovery of My Life

I have found the key to one of life’s great mysteries, and in doing so settled an argument that has plagued and divided people since nigh-on the beginning of the Epoch. It is a burning, eternal question, the tinder that … Continue reading

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