Green Eggs, Iran?

I do not want to bomb Iran
I do not want to, Uncle Sam!

I do not want to kill with guns
I do not want to shoot and run
I do not want to kill with drones
And leave a nation strewn with bones.

I do not think that war works well
It takes us all to stupid hell
If it worked at all we’d be
By now from problems clear and free
Instead of mired here in this mess
Killing morons, more-or-less.

I do not want to bomb Iran
War is stupid, Uncle Sam!

There’s so many ways to go
That use the clever things you know:
Spying, lying, maybe truth
Even talking, free of ruth
About the past and future too
‘Bout how to get what’s good for you
Instead of sending men to die
While father’s weep and mothers cry.

As some economist might say,
“War’s the worst, most stupid way
to deal with scarcity and want
by making children pale and gaunt.”

So beat the drum of war until
You realize that martial thrill
Isn’t pride or righteousness
It’s just a stupid monkey mess.

I do not want to bomb Iran!
Let’s think harder, Uncle Sam!

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